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Anxious? Worried? Feeling like it's all pointless?

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If you’re reading this website, your prognosis is good! Your intuition is telling you that you need to talk to somebody. Therapists with my kind of training understand that clients need a particular kind of therapy relationship to get better. Mental health depends upon relational intelligence as much as anything else.

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Philip for three years. Philip provides a warm and comfortable environment both physically and mentally. He has been very accommodating and understanding of busy schedules. He has been a great therapist from day one. I have recommended him to several people." Mario R. (Hospital Administrator)

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Panic? Fear of being alone? Worry about being intruded upon and criticized? These are three separate forms of anxiety with distinct treatment implications. Call me to talk about whether I can help you with your anxiety.



Does it all seem pointless? Does the future seem empty? Do you feel like a disappointment to yourself and others? Depression is treatable and you can feel better. Call me for a free consultation to talk about your situation.



Is it better to be single or to have a partner? Do you find yourself unhappy in both situations? Let’s talk about impediments to intimacy and your difficulties with sustaining rewarding relationships with others.



Sigmund Freud said that the goal of analysis was to be able to work and love. If you are having difficulty with either, call me to talk about the possible benefits of psychotherapy. I want to hear about your work-related problems because these will often illuminate underlying conflicts within and between you and others.

Therapy Modalities & Approach

Individual Psychotherapy

I offer both short and long-term therapy and I use a flexible and in-depth approach that values individual differences and gives importance to the unique circumstances behind each person’s distress and difficulties. I aim to create an experience of meaningful dialogue with my clients that effects change in mood and behavior that includes enhanced capacity for acting as a moral agent in the world.

Relational Psychoanalysis

We are inherently social creatures who mature in a relational matrix and require relationship in order to change. In addition to this emphasis, I focus on language and words to destabilize old experiences and emotions and to formulate new ones. Therapy is a process where clients can learn to unlearn old patterns and find new ways of living with others and being themselves.

Cultural Analysis

As an inclusive therapist, I welcome people who know themselves as racialized subjects. This includes Black, indigenous, and people of color. For more of my thoughts about being an inclusive therapist, see my blog post about anti-racism.

"The attempt to be emotionally honest is the wellspring of everything else that comes from analytic psychotherapy. The cultivation of a relationship that fosters emotional honesty remains the central task of the therapist."

– Nancy McWilliams

NBN Podcasts Hosted By Dr. Lance

Dr. Philip Lance is a regular host at New Books in Psychoanalysis where he interviews authors of recently published books on the topic of psychoanalysis.


Beyond Psychotherapy: On Becoming a (Radical) Psychoanalyst

July 2019

This book illuminates a new perspective on the radicality of genuinely psychoanalytic discourse as the unique science of healing… Listen to the podcast


Psychic Bisexuality: A British-French Dialogue

January 2020

This book clarifies and develops the Freudian conception according to which sexual identity is not reduced to the anatomical difference between the sexes… Listen to the podcast


Psychotherapeutic Engagements With LGBTQ+ Patients and Their Families

Jack Drescher, December 2020

In this episode, Philip Lance interviews Jack Drescher, a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who is an expert in psychotherapy with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients. … Listen to the podcast


Creating a Psychoanalytic Mind: A Psychoanalytic Method & Theory

Fred Busch, December 2020

Bringing a fresh contemporary Freudian view to a number of current issues in psychoanalysis, this book is about a psychoanalytic method that has been evolved by Fred Busch over the past 40 years. Listen to the podcast

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